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Romania is divided into forty-one counties (judete), as well as the municipality of Bucharest (Bucuresti), which is its own administrative unit. Each county is administered by a county council (consiliu judetean), responsible for local affairs, as well as a prefect, who is appointed by the central government but cannot be a member of any political party. In alphabetical order, the counties are:


Alongside the county structure, Romania is also divided into eight development regions, which correspond to NUTS-II divisions in the European Union, but which have no administrative capacity and are instead used for co-ordinating regional development projects and statistical purposes. The country is further subdivided into 2686 communes, which are rural localities, and 265 towns. Communes and towns have their own local councils and are headed by a mayor (primar). Larger and more urbanised towns gain the status of municipality, which gives them greater administrative power over local affairs.


Covasna County

Covasna is a county (judet) of Romania, in Transylvania, with the capital city at Sfântu Gheorghe.


In 2002, it had a population of 222,449 and the population density was 60/km².

Hungarians - 73.79% (or 164,158)
Romanians - 23.28% (or 51,790)
Romas - 2.68% (or 5,973)

Covasna County has the second-greatest percentage of Hungarian population in Romania, just behind the neighboring county of Harghita. The Hungarians of Covasna are primarily Szeklers

Year County population
1948 157,166
1956 172,509
1966 176,858
1977 199,017
1992 233,256
2002 222,449


Covasna county has a total area of 3,710 km².

The main part of the relief consists of mountains from the Eastern Carpathians group. Most localities can be found in the valleys and depressions located along the different rivers crossing the county. The main river is the Olt River; along its banks lies the capital city Sfântu Gheorghe.


  • Vrancea County and Bacau County in the East.
  • Brasov County in the West.
  • Harghita County in the North.
  • Buzau County in the South.


Covasna County has been one of the preferred counties for foreign investments, mainly by Hungarian investors, due to the population profile.

The predominant industries in the county are:

  • wood
  • textiles
  • electrical components
  • food and beverages


The main tourist destinations in the county are:

  • The city of Sfântu Gheorghe.
  • The resorts in the mountains around:
    - Covasna.
    - Balvanyos.
    - Malnas-Bai.
    - Vâlcele.
    - Sugas-Bai.
    - Baile Fortyogo.
    - Biborteni.
    - Ozunca-Bai.
  • The mountains:
    - Baraolt Mountains.
    - Bodoc Mountains.
    - Nemira Mountains.
    - Întorsura Buzaului Mountains.

Administrative divisions

The county has 2 municipalities, 3 towns and 40 communes. (Hungarian names in parentheses)


  • Sfântu Gheorghe (Sepsiszentgyörgy) - capital city; population: 61,543
  • Târgu Secuiesc (Kézdivásárhely)


  • Covasna (Kovászna)
  • Baraolt (Barót)
  • Întorsura Buzaului (Bodzaforduló)


  • Aita Mare (Nagyajta)
  • Arcus (Árkos)
  • Barcani (Zágonbarkány)
  • Batani (Nagybacon)
  • Belin (Bölön)
  • Bixad (Sepsibükszád)
  • Bodoc (Sepsibodok)
  • Borosneu Mare (Nagyborosnyó)
  • Bradut (Bardóc)
  • Brates (Barátos)
  • Bretcu (Bereck)
  • Catalina (Szentkatolna)
  • Cernat (Csernáton)
  • Chichis (Kökös)
  • Comandau (Kommandó)
  • Dalnic (Dálnok)
  • Dobârlau (Dobolló)
  • Estelnic (Esztelnek)
  • Ghelinta (Gelence)
  • Ghidfalau (Gidófalva)
  • Haghig (Hidvég)
  • Ilieni (Illyefalva)
  • Lemnia (Lemhény)
  • Malnas (Málnás)
  • Mereni (Kézdialmás)
  • Micfalau (Mikóújfalu)
  • Moacsa (Maksa)
  • Ojdula (Ozsdola)
  • Ozun (Uzon)
  • Poian (Kézdiszentkereszt)
  • Reci (Réty)
  • Sânzieni (Kézdiszentlélek)
  • Sita Buzaului (Szitabodza)
  • Turia (Torja)
  • Vâlcele (Elopatak)
  • Valea Crisului (Sepsikoröspatak)
  • Valea Mare (Nagypatak)
  • Vârghis (Vargyas)
  • Zabala (Zabola)
  • Zagon (Zágon)